At Synergy Medical Aesthetics in Upland, we offer an array of the finest skincare lines available in the USA. We invite you to discover products that are proven to deliver as promised – no hype, just results.


SkinCeuticals is one of the best skincare lines available – but you want to ensure you have the genuine product, not watered down, ineffective, or counterfeit. We offer a range of this line of products, as we know they work! SkinCeuticals covers the full range of skincare needs, from prevention to protection to correction. What’s right for you? Let us help.


The Obagi line has long been recognized as one of the best skincare lines on the planet. We have seen consistent results with the Obagi line, and offer a range of products to help our clients maintain fresh, healthy, restored skin, year after year.

Dr. Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds is among the world’s most acclaimed skincare specialists, and famous for developing what he calls a “Vampire Facial.” His line of advanced skincare products produces remarkable improvements to your skin quality. These products can rarely be found in the Upland area, and Amber Rosin-Peralta, RN, has the distinct honor of offering this line, and having trained under Dr. Reynolds to gain the ability to provide this outstanding line to her clients.

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